Photo/Brendan Austin.


  1.  That feeling you get when your room is clean and your things are tidy. As I’ve said too many times before, there are pretty extensive renovations going on at my house right now – we’ve gotten through the worst of it (the sanding, the boarded up windows) but we’ve still got lots to do. One of those things is painting in my room, which required me to have all my things against the opposite wall they were against originally. Because I had to move all my shit anyway, I decided to go through it and throw things out and just clean in general. 7 hours later IT LOOKS (well it looks kind of weird) AND FEELS GREAT TO BE IN HERE. I am even burning a candle right now, how zen is that?
  2.  Had the best brandy snaps of my life at Ostro tonight. Of my LIFE.
  3.  Also had a really great lunch at Welcome in Grafton. It’s in the Orion building and it’s only open Monday – Friday but if you work in the area or whatever, they have really great coffee. The food is good too, I had smashed avocado on toast with edamame and goats cheese ($12). They don’t have a website and I can’t find a Facebook page which is kiiiind of annoying for people who love to look up menus before they go places (ie. me) but they do have an instagram. Also, I took a photo of the menu for those like me, and it’s below.
  4.  How good is Paul Williams? I found his youtube channel the other night and at first I thought it was kind of weird because I wasn’t sure if the songs were parody or just funny or I don’t even know, but then I got real into it and spent almost an hour on there, then immediately after that I downloaded his e.p, ‘Songs about girls’, which was free but for some reason I got confused and paid $10. But it was all well worth it and I’m really glad I did because why not support people with talent?
  5.  Ben installed a SSD into my laptop and IT IS SO MUCH FASTER NOW!


  1.  When you go to the trouble of explaining something and people say to you that they understand, but then they act in a way that means that they either didn’t really understand at all, or that they did but they don’t care about how you feel in the first place. (#SUBTWEET).
  2.  Finding/trying to think of good locations to shoot.
  3.  Websites that aren’t functional on a mobile.
Welcome’s menu, as promised: