Shitty iPhone photo of our Spicy House meal on Thursday night. 


  1.  That Moochi dress I collaborated on went in to stores on Friday, for the duration of Moochi dress week (which finishes at midnight tonight, so if you wanted to get your hands on one, you better hurry – you can get it here). It was pretty cool to see that thing in the flesh, on a rack, in a real life brick and mortar store. I actually kind of hate this phrase but I’m going to say it anyway: snaps for me!
  2.  James and I started on this cool little photo project we’re doing with some models around town. Watch this space (specifically, watch this space on Wednesday).
  3.  On Tuesday I went to this beauty launch for Benefit Cosmetics. I don’t actually get invited to that many beauty things and it’s kind of a whole other world. I pretty much had no clue who anyone was that was there and beauty bloggers kind of make me nervous but anyway that isn’t the point of this – the point is that it was to launch their latest innovation, ‘They’re Real! Push-up Liner‘ – basically a gel liner in a pen which actually sounds like one of those felt tip eye-liners but isn’t. It’s literally like that liner gel you usually get in a pot, but it’s fed through this small opening in the tip of a pen. It’s hard to describe. Anyway, I tried it on Saturday night and can happily vouch for it. It’s easy to use and the shit is waterproof so it doesn’t rub off. I can’t remember exactly when it comes out because I’m a terrible blogger, but it is soon. PS. I was not paid to endorse this product. That sounds like I was and I’m making a joke but I actually wasn’t so yeah.
  4.  Planning holidays. So fun.
  5.  The latest Facebook Messenger app update. That ‘take a photo in the middle of a chat conversation’ function (you know what I’m talking about if you have it) is great.


  1.  Is it just me or is my car constantly due for a Warrant Of Fitness?
  2.  Order envy.
  3.  When brands/companies get non-internet people to look after their social. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen wrong @ tags, strange hashtagging, bad photos on instagram/FB, spelling mistakes, wrong use of internet lingo… The internet is not just something you tack onto someone’s roll. Online advertising spend is higher than ever, why not hire someone who actually knows how to work the internet???
  4.  Remember when everyone used to go to Barilla all the time because it was cheap and tasty and cheap, and then it got a D rating and everyone felt skeezy about it and didn’t really go so much anymore? Now Spicy House apparently has a D. I mean, I’m still probably going to risk it because I think I have that hardened stomach one gets from eating slightly rare Chinese poached chicken and century eggs their whole life, but it still makes me sad.