Kiana (62 Models) in my Twenty-seven Names coat and Adidas ZX Flux. Photos/Sacha Stejko.

About a week ago I got asked to ‘direct’ an Adidas-themed photo shoot as part of the new adidas limited edition ZX Flux range, that dropped this morning (at Loaded on High Street). Only four of us got asked to do it so I don’t know, does that make me special? Probably. #humble

So anyway, last Friday I showed up to this pretty fancy, very #tumblr apartment in Morningside and I had a model waiting for me (Kiana, 62 Models) along with a selection of clothes, a hair and make-up artist (Verity Griffith), a photographer (Sacha Stejko) and the ZX Flux collection. They let me loose and I had the free reign to style and direct the shoot however I wanted.

I pretty much just put Kiana in a white Adidas tee and some Glassons shorts, and then a pair of mens I Love Ugly jeans (I haven’t actually posted a picture of that look so I don’t know why I mentioned it…) and then I chucked on her the new Twenty-seven Names coat and beanie I was wearing. The actual shoes come in a woven pink and grey, and a green and black (amongst others) but classic me, I went with the plain black pair because I’m boring and bright multi-colours usually scare me. I got the make-up girl to give Kiana some winged eyeliner and I got her to chuck her hair on the inside of her coat because I’m a big fan of that, and that’s pretty much it in terms of ‘beauty’.

I had an hour to get it all done, and when I left they told me I would get a selection of the images in a couple of days and I could do whatever I wanted with them. I decided to post my three favourites, and here we are.

Happy Saturday readers.