Monica (Red 11) in Penny Sage. All Photos/James K Lowe.

Penny Sage makes beautiful, simple, classic, easy to wear clothes. Just to refresh your memory – the brand is created by Kate Megaw, a Wanganui College of Design graduate, who previously worked with Miss Crabb here in Auckland, New Zealand, and Christian Wijnants in Antwerp, Belgium. Megaw uses nearly all natural fabrics in her collections.

‘To The Wonder’ is Penny Sage’s A/W offering, and as our last of this series of new season clothing on new faces, shot by James, I think we’ve done pretty well. For starters, the clothes are really great, and on top of that we’ve used Monica Cronin from Red 11 (who is 16, 5’11″ and already signed to IMG Australia despite only having modelled a couple of months). Finally, we shot in this beautiful new (to us, anyway) space within the French Revolver headquarters. (Huge thanks to Brad for putting up with us!):

The above is the Fleeting Dress which I think would be great for swanning about in warmer weather because it’s so light and airy, but also cool layered over some merino. It’s worn in the first photo with the Ravel Cardigan.

Couldn’t really do one of these shoots without an element of ‘boyish’ style – this is the Andesite shirt, which is 100% organic cotton and has a real pyjama vibe which is my favourite part about it. I paired it with the equally pyjama-esque Hibernation trousers which I think are one of the best clothing inventions for Winter. They’ve got all the comforts of a track-pant (drawstring waist, soft warm flannel-y feel) without the scruffy look. Plus, they’ve got side pockets AND a back pocket. Bonus.

The To The Wonder coat is something I think many people would find a great addition to their wardrobe. It’s warm, but not super heavy. It’s unstructured and unlined and basically it feels like you’re wearing a blanket so it hasn’t got that stifling feeling you sometimes get with coats. So comfy.

This Harvest Romper is made in the same fabric as the Andesite shirt, so it’s really soft and feels nice to wear. Maddy has this in a black silk from last season and she loves it so I have at least one person vouching for this style. I personally love it paired with the Eclipse jumper below. Again – very soft, very comfortable, very good weight. Scroll down a bit and you can see the back detail on this thing. It also comes in black.

Above is an oversized trench that wouldn’t go amiss on Watercolours. I don’t know what else to say about trenches really other than I’m pretty sure it’s one of the most classic pieces of clothing that anyone could ever own. The dress it the Le Temps dress which is really, really beautiful. I mean, someone could get married in that thing. It’s also got a really great elongated keyhole back detail.

PS: I created that above hair ‘style’ if you can call it that when it’s just a half-unravelled ponytail, but I think it looks really great so I want to give myself props for it and mention that maybe I have missed my calling?

The Harbinger Dress is the only short one in the whole collection. It’s made of a wool voile and it’s basically like a giant tee so it’s really great for people who like to wear dresses and go out and eat at the same time. I especially like the drop shoulder and the button up back placket which I neglected remember to get James to photograph but you can kind of see it here:

Basically to sum this up, these are my favourites of the whole collection and if I had to dress in only this stuff for the rest of my life I don’t think it would be bad at all.

All the items that are linked are available at the Penny Sage online store and the brand is also stocked at various places around Auckland and one place in Wellington – see stockist list here if interested. Anything that isn’t linked isn’t in store yet but will be dropping over the next month or so.

Happy Wednesday readers!

PS: The shoes worn are these Dr Martens which I am still obsessed with, and Converse Chuck Taylors.