All Photos/James K Lowe.

So this little ‘clothes I saw in (insert brand name)’s collection and liked’ thing is actually becoming a little bit of a thing. For the third time in a couple of weeks I’ve enlisted the technical and creative talents of my brother James. This week I’ve had him shoot a few of my favourite pieces from the Workshop Denim Autumn/Winter 2014 range on Evelina (Clyne). Evelina is a pretty new (I’m talking less than a month modelling) but in my opinion she’s got the *it* factor. 5’10.5″, great body, great skin, great hair, great mover, great personality (which always sounds stupid when you’re booking someone largely for the way they look, but it really does make such a difference).

So, back to Workshop Denim. I think sometimes the brand gets looked over, which is weird because they do quite good simple pieces that can integrate with your wardrobe. If I were to choose one piece as my favourite from the whole collection it would have to be the above Velvet Tuxedo Mini. Good in winter with tights. I put it with the Bateau Button Tee because you can never really go wrong with stripes:

And while we’re on the topic of stripes, they also do this Merino Breton Dress (below) in navy and white, which is super classic and I can imagine it being worn with some kind of lace-up or loafer on some French woman and it being really chic:

(The merino breton also comes as a sweater.)

This season, Workshop Denim has also come out with this special hand-dyed natural indigo print, seen below on the Samira Shift:

This next look is probably not for everyone but I am really, really into the whole white socks, black shoes, short pants thing. It is really Michael Jackson and whenever I do it I feel like people are judging me but 1. it feels super comfortable to wear socks with shoes, and 2. MICHAEL JACKSON. The sweater is a really soft men’s Superfine Merino Crew and the jeans are the brand’s new women’s selvedge. The fit on those jeans is narrow but not super tight. I would say it’s kind of a straight leg, it’s not quite a ‘boyfriend fit’ (UGH, those words again) but definitely not your skinny jegging type thing which is kind of refreshing:

Speaking of men’s tops, this is what the men’s Striped Overshirt looks like on a girl:

The below is one of those pieces I imagine lots of women wanting because it’s easy to wear. The Addison Shift Dress:

If it looks like Evelina is crying in the above photo, good spotting. I can tell you that was on purpose. No models were harmed in the making of this post.

Wouldn’t be a KIA post without a beanie. In this case, it’s of the Waffle Knit variety and I’ve matched it with the Waffle Knit Crew because #matching.

As per usual, James took a lot of good shots and I can’t fit them all in this blog post so the ones that haven’t made it here will be up on my tumblr over the next week. All the clothes are either available now in Workshop stores (other stockists here and links throughout the post for people who like online shopping) or will be coming in over the next month.

Happy Wednesday readers.

PS: Doc Martens ‘Kensington’ lace-ups worn throughout.