Autumn outfit wants - Clockwise starting top left: Meadowlark ring, Ray-ban clubmaster, The Row satchel, Dieppa Ristrepo loafer, Madewell jean, ASOS coat. Centre: Acne tee. All Image/respective store websites, see in copy.

Today is cold. I feel like it was really humid in Auckland and everyone was complaining every day about how you would get sweaty just walking from the office to your car and then the next day it switched and it just got cold. The air got chilly and suddenly you needed a sweater and maybe even a coat. It’s technically autumn so I don’t know why this has come as a surprise to me. Either way, it’s a nippy reminder that winter is on its way and I need to get back into wearing more than a t-shirt and shorts.

I spent two hours online window shopping the other day. Two hours. That’s a really long time for me, I’m not great at browsing for clothes online when I don’t know exactly what it is that I want. In those 120 minutes I pulled together what I wish I could buy to wear this Autumn (above), had I the spare funds to do so. So, here goes the breakdown:

An all white outfit is not what I would usually go for, but that’s mainly out of fear than anything. I know it’s usually reserved for summer but I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be a trend in the cooler months.

You can’t really beat a good white tee. I like pretty much any oversized tee, the tighter ones freak me out, especially tight tees with cap sleeves and a v-neck. TIGHT WITH CAP SLEEVES AND V-NECK. I can’t even. The above is the Acne wonder linen tee (available here). It’s got a nice amount of sheer and those long ass sleeves. It’s also, as you can see, pretty loose which I imagine makes it really comfortable.

When I think white jeans I’m reminded of this one time my mom went to Hong Kong and brought me back a pair of J Lo branded tight white jeans with black graffiti writing all over them. I wasn’t into them and I felt bad about the fact that she had 1. thought that I would like them, and 2. had gone out of her way to get me a gift that I didn’t want to wear. I also think of Liz Hurley, and that whole phase of tight white pants back in the late 90s or whenever it was. These Madewell jeans are a lot baggier, more of a ‘boyfriend’ style (I hate that name, why do they call them that? Well I know why, but ugh.) and I think cuffed they would be pretty fresh.

I have one long coat in my wardrobe right now. It’s navy and it’s double-breasted and it’s by Liam from a few years ago. Every time I put it on I feel warm and I also feel like my outfit is polished, even if you’re only wearing a t-shirt underneath. The above one is from ASOS and it’s only like NZ$250 (and free delivery!) which I think is pretty good considering the length and that it’s lined and you’d probably have many occasions to wear it (note: it’s only 51% wool).

The Dieppa Restrepo penny loafers are apparently navy but they look black to me. I have never owned a pair of Dieppa Restrepo’s before but I’ve only heard good things. I spent a good chunk of my two hours looking for a shoe I’d like to wear with the rest of the outfit and these are my favourites.

I’m the first to admit I am not good at accessorising. I don’t own that many accessories and the few I do I wear over and over again. I like things kind of plain. That being said, I have always loved the Ray-ban clubmaster and I think they pretty much look good on everyone. I had a pair once, but then I stood on someone else’s pair and I felt like the only right thing to do was to give them the pair I had just gotten. So now I don’t own any, but I still love them anyway. You can get the clubmaster and most of the other Ray-ban styles at Sunglass Hut.

The above ring is the Meadowlark Hex solitaire ring, which is kind of an engagement ring but you can also get it done in other stones so it looks less like one. Either way I like the shape and I’d probably wear it with the white diamond anyway but if I felt self-conscious I’d get it done with the black diamond instead. It starts at NZ$229.00, depending on what metal and stone you get. Check it here.

Left: Satchel by The Row, Right: Backpack by 3.1 Phillip Lim

This is actually ridiculous because I don’t really know anyone who would have the means and inclination to purchase a NZ$2790.00 bag but if I did, I would recommend The Row satchel bag because I legitimately think it is beautiful (I put two pictures of it above because it’s that good). Also highly recommended (but also expensive – US$895.00) is the Phillip Lim Pashli leather backpack here (they ship free to NZ). I did find it cheaper on that site, The Corner, but it’s sold out. It’s also available at Fabric on High Street for NZ$1075.00. 

Happy shopping/window shopping readers!

Note: I don’t know why I feel like I have to justify this but I actually chose all the things above based on the fact that I like them, no one has given me any pressure or financial reward for mentioning their brand in this post (but hello brands, if you see this and feel like chucking some money my way, I just f*cked up my car on Sunday night and I need to pay for that so I will happily take it).