All Photos/James K Lowe.

Lonely Hearts‘ Winter 2014 collection, ‘Don’t Feed The Plants’ has finally dropped in stores and because I like it (I actually like it more than the last collection, #truthalert) I decided to take some of the pieces I like the most and put them on some young, tall, pretty girls I like and then get my brother to take some pictures of said girls and then share them with you on this web thing they call a blog.

Firstly, let me pre-empt this by saying I never intended to have this shot in a stairwell. The room we were trying to get into had an alarm issue (aka it would not stop ringing), and it was incredibly hot outside and the stairwell had nice light so we decided to make it work. I’m kind of glad we did, it kind of gives the shots this weird high school hallway vibe, with Zara (shorter, eyebrows, Clyne models) and Tessa (taller, hair, N models) looking like the girls who got changed (but left their school shoes on – check the Doc Martens) to cut class:

So, back to my favourite pieces. I feel like a Lonely Hearts tee is becoming kind of an iconic thing. As per previous seasons, the brand teamed up with tattoo artist Stefan Sinclair, to create their prints. The long sleeve tee is going to be great when cold weather rolls around. (It comes in both prints – I like the ‘Little Shop of Lonely Hearts’ best.)

Other things – checkered pants in a relaxed, comfortable fit. They’ve got pockets and the same cut also comes in this black rose print (see a few photos down), but the grey houndstooth is my pick.

The houndstooth also comes in coat form – it’s super long and has dressing gown vibes which I love. Also, there’s something about a coat that makes you seem dressed up or ‘finished’ or ‘polished’ or other words that describe the same thing, even if all you’ve got underneath is a t-shirt and jeans.

The other great winter cover-up piece is the cardi above (it also comes in black), of all the pieces in the collection I think this is the one I’d wear the most. Imagine how snuggly and comfortable it would be to wear that when it gets chilly and rainy.

Also, side note – I talked about this the other day but I think that this ‘Polley’ style of Doc Martens is going to be the style for Winter. Look how good they are paired with socks! Or at least how good they are on a model when paired with socks.

Black Rose relax fit pant as per my previous mention.

Okay this is kind of stupid but I shot the above dress which is not being put into production. I just liked it with the shoes and socks. Also, it’s made of this kind of flannel feeling fabric (same as the pants), it’s so soft and blankety.

Here are some other pieces I like from the look book that I didn’t get around to borrowing:

If you’re in Auckland, you can get Lonely Hearts at Area 51 stores, The Department Store and Smith and Caughey¬†amongst others. For all Lonely Hearts stockists, see here.

NOTE: This is kind of a weirdly worded post because I have been answering emails and typing a lot for the last couple of hours and I’m losing the (writing) plot. But the moral of the story is I think the photos are cool and I will probably buy myself the pants and the cardi and the coat and a long sleeve tee. The end.