Steven Alan FW14-15. Image/via

Just in case in the blur of New York Fashion Week you skimmed over or missed the Steven Alan presentation, here’s five of my favourite looks, the one I liked best being the one above. I don’t usually post show reviews or anything but I do have a look over a few of the collections during the week just to see what’s going on, and I feel like this is something that may have gotten looked over. The main thing for me in terms of how much I like a collection, is how much of it I would wear, personally. Or how much of it I would like to wear if I could afford it/were taller/younger/etc. Steven Alan is a very ‘wearable’ brand in general, I think, so it’s not surprising that it would be my thing. It’s simple and that’s what I like about it. (Also, they do really great eyewear at a really good price and they ship to New Zealand, #lifehack alert.)

That above look is the best. I feel like the whole outfit is incredibly practical – pants, shirt, sweater, shoes, socks – warm, comfortable (or at least comfortable looking) and casual without looking scruffy. It’s just such an easy look for me to relate to. Other great things in the collection include:

More cropped slim(ish) pants with shoes and socks (as opposed to sockless, which I also still love but let’s face it, socks make hard leather shoes a lot more comfortable), and:

Long skirts! I mentioned long skirts yesterday. They are definitely a thing right now, give it a couple of months and the full midi will be in chain stores and on the masses. Also, sweaters. You can never beat a good sweater. I feel like I’m super repetitive with what I talk about when I talk about what I love, but sweaters and pants are really what I like to wear and it’s like, why talk about things I don’t like to wear just because they’re cool or ‘fashiony’? My friend Sarah said that buying things and online researching the perfect, ‘basics’ or ‘wardrobe essentials (sweaters, denim mini skirt, loafers, Equipment style silk shirts, etc) gives her a wonderful feeling inside that cannot be matched, and I feel similarly towards the idea of sweaters and pants and flat shoes. That is all.

Happy Monday.