Photo/James' iPhone.


  1. I just completed my first little shoot of the year this afternoon. When I say, ‘I’, I really mean my brother did, because he took the photos. I picked the clothes and put the outfits together though, and did some minor directing. Look, it was collaborative, okay? But for this blog, so basically he did me a favour. I feel happy about the pictures, look out for them later this week (hopefully).
  2. The scampi and scallop tortellini at Baduzzi. We went there on Tuesday night for my mom’s birthday (which was actually on Wednesday – HB MOM) and there was an hour wait for a table because I’m pretty sure they don’t take bookings and people love it there, but it was okay because we were all being patient. I also had some suckling pig thing which was also yum and I would recommend it if you like pork and fatty dishes.
  3. Speaking of great meals, I also worked out that Prego does a half size pasta which solves my problem of always wanting two different dishes but not being able to because I can’t finish both. We went there on Saturday for Ben’s birthday (which was on that day – HB BENNY)
  4. My brother sent me this as a thing he thinks would be good for a High of the week but I’m not quite SURE.
  5. The feeling of putting Facebook Friends who are actually just acquaintances, in a group called ‘Acquaintances’, because really, how many of those people would you have coffee with one on one or even say hi to in the street? How many of my Facebook Friends do I even KNOW in real life?
  6. That Karen Walker FW14 collection – well more specifically, the more masculine looks in shades of blue. Look 5 and 6, ooooohhh yes. I am all about the long skirt right now, it’s definitely a thing. The long skirt, mary-jane style Doc Martens and I also think maybe even headbands are going to be a thing. Is it a good idea to bring back the headband? I don’t know, how old is too old to wear one of those things?
  7. It’s pretty much the only sport I enjoy watching so it is pretty cool that I am embarking on tennis lessons in a week and a half. This is kind of a misleading statement as I played a bit of tennis when I was a teenager (read: kind of a lot), but in no way does that mean I’m good. And this time I’m going with a bunch of friends so I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. I had a crisis on Monday, a full emotional breakdown. I won’t go into it because #personal and #oversharing and hello, #privacy, but basically it was the kind of thing where I was so upset I was crying at my desk at work, on the street, in my car. Crying in public is just so full on ay. People just don’t know what to do when they see you, you don’t want them to look at you, it’s just so full on.
  2. Just as I pay off the remains of my tax bill from the last financial year and start feeling really great about how I’ve been so diligent with payments and ‘good’ with money, I get an ACC bill in the mail which is due in like, two weeks. Back to square one.
  3. I know this completely contradicts the above but I saw that Hatsumi’s Laundry did a re-cut of their Sahara set, which is a set of lingerie I have wanted for a long, long time. By the time I went to purchase it (5 days later), my size of the bra had sold out. So sad. (But then I emailed them and they said they’ll be re-doing it again and will let me know so I can get the underwear of my dreams and live happily ever after, so really this should be in the Highs).