5:00pm, 26 December 2013.

Here is the second edition of old iPhones and other stories. The backstory is here for those who didn’t read the first edition. For those who can’t be bothered click, long story short, I’ve got over 10,000 iPhone-taken photos stored on my computer from the past four years or so, some of which have never seen the light of day. I am giving some of them the light of day.

The above photos is actually quite recent, it’s from Boxing Day last year. Ben and I took his son Oli to what Oli refers to as ‘the hill’, which is an astroturfed hump in the ground in Silo Park. ‘The hill’ sits next to a playground and this sort of manmade pond/paddling pool (but are people supposed to go in it? I don’t know). Oli made friends with some other kid and ventured into the pond, fully clothed. It’s less than adult knee high at the deepest point but you can guess what happened. We had no spare dry clothes so Oli had to borrow my t-shirt for the ride home. (I wore a sweater.)

12:10pm, 25 December 2011.

This is pretty self explanatory – a Christmas card from my mother, three years ago. My mom is very good at gifts and treats and knowing things you will like/things you need.

5:57pm, 28 April 2011.

I look like shit in this photo because I am pretty sure I felt like shit, I was crying and on my way to what I think was Australia. I’m drinking a Tank juice because I often get one before I go through the departure gate, and every time I do I forget that I’m not allowed to take liquids through there and I have to down the thing on the spot. I can’t quite remember why I was so sad but I feel like this was part of a shitty time in my life, relationship and job wise. I feel like I might regret posting this photo in public because it’s so depressing and also #pimples, but you know, I’m a real person, this is real life.

2:31am, 01 January 2013.

LOL. This is on New Years day, technically. It’s the first time (and actually the only time) I’d been to Hitch, a bar somewhere down on Fort Lane in the city. It was taken at 2:31am, not that I would remember that if the photos weren’t time stamped. I was so drunk and I’m pretty sure this was the point in the night where I developed a sort of mild form of Tourette’s Syndrome because I have recollections of yelling at people. This picture is of Lani, Shirl and Keshani and then some other girl I don’t know. I’m praying they don’t kill me for putting this up because I didn’t ask them first.

1:16pm, 04 April 2013.

The above is the first time I ever had the haloumi at Nikau café in Wellington. It is the best haloumi I have ever had. It tasted buttery, they must fry that shizz in butter. I don’t really care what they do to it, it tastes amazing. It’s sort of crisp on the outside.  I actually think the haloumi is made by that company ‘Zany Zeus’ but I could be wrong. Anyway I figured I should include it because there’s a picture of the haloumi from every trip I’ve made to Wellington since, that’s how good it is.