So as you may have already heard, I went to St Jerome’s Laneway Festival last week. I was there for several reasons – fun (people hate it when I say this, but duh), music (although I do have to admit I only saw maybe 3-4 bands over 6.5 hour period I was there), friends, and to take some photos. (Some of which you may have already seen here.)

I arrived around 3:00pm which I guess is kind of late, seeing as the doors opened at 12:00pm or whatever. I have to be honest, I was actually just sitting at home eating Proper crisps (have you tried those things? Best kettle chips ever.) and that classic Kiwi onion dip made out of Nestlé Reduced Cream and that weird Maggi Onion flavoured soup powder that no one ever uses to make actual soup out of. This sounds like an ad for Nestlé but I can assure you that no money has passed between Nestlé’s hands and mine, as much as I would like for it to have.

Anyway, I digress. I was sitting at home watching the mother fricken Grammys because #Lorde, etc. I had to tear myself away because I had a job to do at Laneway, and I was also getting mad fomo from the tweets and instagrams I was seeing. By the time I got there, it was pretty packed. The weather was primo and I’ve got to say, Laneway is one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to (not that I’ve been to a huge amount) – the patrons are good people, the layout of stages is pretty good and this year they absolutely nailed the Friends & Family area in terms of location and ‘smooth running of operations’. A fantastic day all ’round. Here are a few things I saw. (Note: I do realise there are no pictures of bands but that’s because I was taking photos of the punters, man. Also, it’s really hard to take a photo of a band on a stage from really far away):

Watercolours above, Haim below. Girl Power.

Group hugs:

I’m short, so I noticed a few chest pockets. There was a lot of Polo:

I’m not that short, but I guess I’m always looking down. Let’s blame it on low self-esteem or something. Anyway, great tats:

Pretty Bailey:

As I mentioned in that Herald post, flower crowns are still going strong as the festy headwear of choice. In several forms:

Maddy was too excitable (read: drunk?) during one section of the day and insisted on being in a photo with pretty much everyone I encountered whilst she was near me. She’s probably going to hate me for the following shots but I feel like if she wanted to be in them that badly, she’s going to at least have to let people see them:

Maddy and Lily above, and Huffer’s Cam Lamb below:

…And then with this stranger who happened to be standing near her in the line for the bathroom:

And even when she wasn’t supposed to be in the photo, there was always the classic photobomb. (Also, shouts to the one other photobombing girl in the bottom right photo):

Couples who wear Brixton hats together, stay together. (Also, that In’N’Out burgers tee tho.):

Classic K cap, wonder where she got that really, really great hat from?:

Classic model (Sophie Blazey) – tall, thin, looks good in everything:

Several people in Docs. If you were to name an official ‘shoe brand of Laneway’, it would have to be Doc Martens in several forms:

I mean, it was so many that I had to send a whole bunch of pics over to Dr Martens themselves.

Another model – Georgia Fowler – looking fucking good, as per usual. (Also repping Docs. Funny that.):

Second to Doc Martens had to be Nikes:

My favourite outfit of the day (and not even because I know her, but because I really think it was the best and I didn’t see anyone else dressed the same) was the below on Chelsea Metcalf aka Watercolours. Shirt, shorts, monochrome. Sheer tights for warmth in the cooler period of the day, comfy long coat, leather backpack (not pictured…) and this great black hat which is also not pictured because I suck. ALSO IN DOCS. JUST SAYIN…

The end!

Happy Tuesday readers.