Kathryn Wilson 'Katherine' loafer in navy.

It’s not every day that New Zealand’s premier shoe designer designs a loafer and then names it after you. I was pretty surprised to be informed late Sunday evening that this was the case. Surprised, and excited. A Kathryn Wilson shoe! Named after me! (With correct spelling and everything!) It doesn’t get too much better than that. (I want to type one of those smiley faces made out of a colon and a parenthesis, but I feel like it isn’t appropriate for some reason. Just keep in mind that’s the expression I’m trying to convey.)

The ‘Katherine’ loafer is part of Kathryn Wilson’s Winter 2014 collection, and comes in a myriad of colourways (below) – my favourite is the all navy (surprise, surprise). The all pink ones were featured in the Sunday magazine on the weekend, but I will always be a navy girl through and through. Or black. But navy is a little different, right? A little more interesting? Either way, I just thought I should let you know that all the colours of what will be henceforth be referred to as ‘MY shoe’, will be available from February 15th.

Thanks Kathryn!