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  1. This LVC sweater that I found whilst trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. It’s mens (obviously) but I also think would be cute for girls. And while we’re on the topic of mens sweaters, other great ones I found on my hunt: this grey one by BWGH and your classic Carhartt joint, or for the girls: one of two sweaters in the upcoming Isabel Marant Etoile Spring 14 collection (FUJIYAMA will be mine!)
  2. I participated in my first office Secret Santa in years, last week. I picked someone I didn’t know very well out of the hat, and after much research I narrowed what I thought would be the best gift, down to two things. It seemed easy enough. I went to three stores that day and the bloody Wallpaper Paris guide was not at any of them. That night I called three other stores – two didn’t have it, one store didn’t even pick up their phone. The next day I went to three stores and I finally got it at Paperplus Newmarket of all places. Anyway, it was a really stressful time but I found it in the end and it gave me a sense of achievement and the woman at the 277 carparking thing didn’t make me pay because I was only in there for 15 minutes so how nice is that?
  3. A few of us went to Federal Deli on the weekend and Ben ordered the chicken sandwich and then the waiter told us that just quietly he should add cheese and have the sandwich toasted (#LIFEHACK) which was cool of him, so now that is the best thing on the menu.
  4. Sorry, I know this is going to sound like a bloody gift guide instead of Highs and Low(e)s, but I’m in that Christmas shopping mood so you’re going to have to put up with it until the bloody 25th has past. Anyway, if you’re looking for a good present for a female and you’re feeling confident enough to purchase jewellery – my favourite things I’ve seen thus far are this gold chain necklace by Juliette Hogan because it’s a good price and a good weight, it’s a heavy chain – but not ridiculous and I have the bracelet version which is really nice so I can vouch for it, this silver fob chain by Kate Sylvester because of the same reasons, and these new stacking rings by Meadowlark (in gold or silver).
  5. I went swimming on Saturday in what I’m pretty sure is the nicest ‘house’ swimming pool (ie. a pool at a home) I’ve ever been in and it was amazing. My friend Sarah ordered a giant inflatable swan a few months ago and I was all, ‘are you really sure that it’s a good idea? This seems regrettable. Do you really want to spend one hundred Australian dollars on a POOL TOY?’ and on the weekend we spent 45 minutes blowing it up for its first use and I can happily publicly declare that I was completely wrong and that swan is the best thing around. Get your friends with pools one, immediately.


  1. I can’t think of anything right now which is good, because that means it was a pretty good week, but also bad because I feel like all anyone wants to hear is things that happened that suck.