I own one pair of Dr Martens. They’re the low, school shoe kind, the three eye standard 1461 black with yellow stitching. I’m not going to lie, they hurt like a bitch to wear for a good couple of months but they’ve finally broken in. They’re extremely hardy. They’re the first pair I’ve ever owned so if you’ve been a Doc wearer for years and you’re all, ‘this is old news’, bear with me. I think that I could wear them in the snow, they’re that hardy.

Anyway, now that I’ve gone on and on about that pair, I have to steer you in a slightly different direction. You see, I think I have found the perfect Doc for me. I will never be a high top Doc wearer, I know this already. Neither will I be the multi-coloured patent type Doc wearer. The 1461 is great, but (and I do realise this will sound stupid and vain) as with several shoes, I feel like my legs are too big for them. I don’t know what the rule is – whether chunky shoes balance out your legs or make them look bigger or make them look skinner or whether I’m just being an idiot, but I have these wild dreams about looking like some tall, thin-legged person (obviously I have a complex about this) and wearing them and all my problems being solved, but I digress. My point is, I have found the perfect pair of Docs:

They’re mens (of course), so the sizing is limited if you’re smaller of foot. They’re not as chunky as your traditional doc. They’re called the Kensington and they’re a plain, classic, black lace-up. The sole is thinner and it’s overall a daintier, more refined shoe. They’re the perfect standard dress shoe. If you’re a guy and you don’t own dress shoes, I feel like these are your answer. I have seen them in real life at the Zambesi showroom (fyi – they don’t stock them as yet) and they are so nice. They’re just what I need. If they sound like a bit of you too (they also come in boot form), you can check them here.