All Photos/Louise Hatton.

During the Stolen Girlfriends Club show last week, I saw a couple of models I didn’t recognise. Being a giant freak of New Zealand model information – an index, of sorts, I like to think – this was slightly surprising to me. I’m generally pretty good at keeping up with the who’s who, etc.

Of the three models that I drew a blank on, one stood out for me. As soon as she came out I’m pretty sure my camera went straight up and I turned around to ask my brother who she was. It’s the part-Asian look about her, the sticky-out ears. She’s elfin-like and interesting, which I like. I posted a query on my Stolen Girlfriends blog post and sure enough, someone came back with an answer: Her name is Natasha Orsman. That wasn’t too much information to go on but I did a bit of a Facebook stalk (CREEP!) and found she’s still at school (as far as I could see) and a dancer of some sorts – and from Wellington.

It’s funny how things work out, because as I was doing my little bit of research, my photographer mate Lou Hatton sent me a message to tell me she’d shot a new face that she thought I’d like and did I want to see pictures? Obviously I said yes, and the rest is history/this blog post.

So, without further ado, I present to you: Natarsha Orsman (Kirsty Bunny) – shot by Louise Hatton and styled by Jodi Pullar, with hair by Libby Mcleod at Willis York and make up by Sacha Leadley. Enjoy.

(For clothing credits, email me. There are a heap, but most things are available from The Service Depot, Wild Pair and Superette.)