IT’S A WHILE SINCE WE’VE DONE ONE OF THESE HUH. Anyway, I have a few things I’ve come across recently that I feel like sharing:

  • Barkers has collaborated with iconic New Zealand heritage brand, Swanndri for their 100 year anniversary, to create a 12 style capsule collection that went in to store last week. My favourite thing? The above dark green bag. Perfect as carry-on luggage methinks. Also, the scarves. They’re 100% wool and there’s a dark green check one which is great for Winter.
  • This isn’t really that new anymore, but if you’re in Auckland you need to try the bacon croquettes at the Late Night Diner on Ponsonby Road. Those, and the homemade lemonade. The croquettes are basically deep-fried balls of mashed potato, béchamel sauce and bacon. They’re something like $6 for three. Pro Tip: If there’s two of you, don’t bother sharing them – you’ll each need your own plate. (There’s no pictures because I have never waited long enough to take one.)


  • Origrami is a Sydney-based company made up of a husband and wife team who, basically, print your instagram photos. Now, for those without instagram, this is probably boring and you can stop reading, but for those who are big instagram users, this is perfect. There are a few companies that provide this service, but Origrami looks to be one of the best, in terms of their presentation. You receive your chosen 36 images printed in a polaroid style frame, with a map of the location your photo was taken on the back (or one of 12 designs available for those photos that aren’t geotagged), date and number of likes. And to top it off, the photos come in a cute kraft brown designed box. It’s such a good idea. I’m thinking of doing it. For 36 photos, it’s AUS$19.95, and shipping is free worldwide. Get on it.