Emily Smith (Clyne).


  1. The person who called me back from the IRD on Friday morning. She was so nice! I have never had nicer on-phone customer service, especially on-phone customer service from the IRD. Happy.
  2. I haven’t really spent too much time with Vine yet, but this is one of the best Vine videos I’ve ever seen. (Turn the sound on!)
  3. I rediscovered that video of Tavi singing Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ with her acapella group, ‘No Strings’. I rediscovered it and I liked it. Yeap I did.
  4. This is kind of gross, but when I was in high school I went through this obsession with those deep pore cleansing strips that you get, I think Clearsil or Clean and Clear made them. You basically wet your face and stick them on, and 15 minutes later you rip them off and all the crap from your pores gets stuck to the strip and pulled out. It’s hard to say really whether they do anything good but inspecting the strip afterwards is disgusting and supremely fascinating at the same time. Anyway, whatever brand it was stopped making them, but I just discovered some other brand called Biore still does and I’m back to being obsessed again.
  5. Girls Love Beyonce.
  6. A few weeks ago I was invited to go on set to watch the Randa ‘Frankenstein’ video shoot. I couldn’t make it on the day which is unfortunate because it’s a pretty cool video. Impressive set and props. (Pretty cool song too.)
  7. Giving advice.


  1. This is my own fault. I often don’t open my mail because I feel like it’s going to be bad news – bills, etc. Also, when you start a company, you get inundated with emails from people wanting you to open accounts with them and give you business advice and all this stuff along with the ones from the IRD so they kind of sit in a pile. You can imagine my shock when I decided to open one IRD envelope on Wednesday and find a big ‘overdue GST return’ screaming at me. Cue several hours going through receipts and bank statements and invoices. On the bright side, there’s nothing like a growing fine as great motivator. Fastest GST return I’ve ever done.
  2. Post-purchase regret.
  3. Maddy got her laptop stolen out of her car, which was parked on my street kind of outside my house, so I feel kind of guilty about it, especially because someone else I know got their car broken into across the road from the same spot about a month ago, and before that my ex boyfriend got his car broken into in the same spot but that was like, 10 years ago. Anyway, it was pretty rats because they took a heap of her stuff and she had left it in there just because she was only popping in real quick. The moral of the story is BACK UP YOUR LAPTOP! Invest in Dropbox or something. And don’t leave it anywhere, ever.
  4. Too many spam event invites on Facebook.
  5. Taking advice.