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Hey, so, aside from my brother, my favourite New Zealand (yet overseas based) photographer is Derek Henderson. The first time I ever met him was this one time over a year ago when Isaac had organised to have breakfast with him in Sydney and I being the ultimate J.I, tagged along. I remember he was so nice and he had his little girl with him and we ate at Kawa café and was wearing those awesome clear acetate Moscots. Anyway, he was telling us about this book he was doing, I can’t remember why we were talking about it but he mentioned nudes of New Zealand (yet overseas based) model Zippora Seven and drawings by New Zealand (yet overseas based) illustrator Kelly Thompson. Basically that book he was talking about is ‘Darkness of Noon‘ and it features photographs by him, of Zippy, and illustrations of her by Kelly.

The book is limited edition and designed by Fabio Ongarato, and after all this time, it’s finally going to be available in New Zealand from tomorrow night onwards at the Simon James Concept Store within The Department Store. Until then, here are some of my favourite spreads: