A couple of weeks ago I was invited to come and check out the happenings behind the scenes at a Number One Shoes shoot. They were shooting their TVC and other press for the Winter boots which have just gone into store. Eager to see how things happen on a commercial shoot with an actual budget, I packed up my camera and my coat and went down on that cold and rainy day to do a little documentation.

Boy was it cold. I was not prepared to be standing outside for great lengths of time, trying to escape the rain. The models must’ve been freezing. Kelvin and Kelsey (both internationals at Clyne) were consummate professionals though – no complaints, no nothing – just get out there in their tiny outfits and do their thing until someone says they’ve got it. How they do this stuff for hours on end, I do not know. Anyway, I digress. Outside was the shoot location, inside was for giant wusses like me. Also, inside was where they kept the snacks (crackers, cheeses, lamingtons, donuts, lollies – a good spread for those wondering).

Here’s what I saw:

Kelvin (Clyne), pre-shoot, pre-makeup, pre-everything.

Kelsey (Clyne) pre-shooting.

Inside amongst racks of clothes (snacks around the corner).

Kelvin waiting inside before her next shot.

Outfit change!

So much gear.

Keeping warm, convenient gust of wind.

The setup.

Before you go, Number One Shoes has offered me a little giveaway for you readers out there. I’ve got four pairs of boots to give away to four people who may like a pair. The four styles are shown in various shots above  - there’s a leopard print ankle pair, two black ankle pairs (one of which is pretty motorcycle-ish if that’s your thing) and one almost up to the knee black pair. I know these descriptions I’m giving you are pretty crap, but you’ll see what I mean in the shots.

Anyway, if you’d like one of those pairs, all you have to do is let me know either in the comments of this post, or via email, or twitter, what is number one in your books. It could be anything, so go nuts. You’ll also need to let me know which pair you’d like and what size you are. I’m going to pick my favourite answers and those entrants will be the proud new owners of some Winter boots. You’ve got until 9:00pm, Sunday 19th May 2013 so if your feet are feeling a little cold, get onto it!