Teresa Oman. All Photos/Luke Byrne.

I got shown these shots a couple of days ago. They’re behind the scenes photos from the latest Glassons campaign shoot, ‘Escape’ by Tim Barber. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the results of the shoot, but of all the photos they’ve produced since they took on Adam Bryce as Creative Director (and really started cranking the benefits of using uber-stylist Zara Mirkin), these behind the scenes ones from Winter 2013 are my favourite.

My like for them is largely due to the fact that they’ve used two of who I would consider the three most well known short antipodean models (the third being New Zealand’s Zippora Seven) – Anja Konstantinova and Teresa Oman. The location ain’t too bad either – these were taken in various places around the South Island, including Queenstown and Wanaka. Check ‘em out:

All the behind the scenes photos were taken by Luke Byrne. For those interested, he also did a little behind the scenes video which is very ‘home movie’, very cute: