If you’re an internet freak and you keep up with all the brands and happenings online, it’s likely you’ve already seen this. If you’re a bit slower off the mark (ie. me these days) you may not have, in which case I implore you to take a look. This is Karl Lagerfeld’s latest Chanel film – 18 minutes or so long (five of which are credits), starring Kiera Knightly as Coco Chanel, and a whole host of models (Lindsay Wixson, Baptiste Giabiconi, Saskia De Brauw, etc) as other characters, including New Zealand’s (well sort of) very own Ashleigh Good as Jacqueline Forzane. Her role isn’t small – she’s got lines and everything. She first appears two minutes and 27 seconds in – it’s worth watching just to hear her New Zealand-y accent.