Photo/James K Lowe.


  1. Oh Lordy Lorde. Ella played her first public Auckland show last week and as I said last time, she was great. I ‘vined’ a couple of things of her singing to show you how good she sounds IRL on an iPhone recording. (Oh yeah, I have Vine – do you? I’m not sure about it yet because I keep forgetting to use it…) So there’s that. Not much else to report on here except go see her and stuff.
  2. On Friday night I went to that teppanyaki restaurant, Daikoku, for dinner. You know, the one where they cook stuff infront of you. I forgot how good it is! I mean, you leave feeling overly full and kind of gross because of all the oil and ‘yum yum sauce’ (butter, egg yolks, cream, other fattening shit) but it’s entertaining as hell. I will be back.
  3. For months I have been reaching maximum capacity in my gmail account. That is 10gb. I’ve been at 99% for so long now, going through and finding old emails with attachments and deleting them to allow for new emails to come in and for new emails to be sent. It’s been so annoying but I’ve been pretty stubborn about paying for an upgrade. That all came apart this morning when I caved and forked out the US$2.49/month for an extra 15gb. I’m now at 41% full and it feels so good.
  4. My brother got me to watch Take Shelter the other night. He is pretty good at movies so I did it and I was impressed. Every frame looks like it could be a still, it’s quite beautiful. It’s also a little confusing and scary. Anyway, have a look-see, let me know what you think.
  5. This article on depression that I found via David Farrier. It’s the least depressing article on depression I have ever read.


  1. The rain this last week was insane. So much water. I dislike rain with a passion.
  2. Out of date clothing websites without their collections up, or restaurant websites that don’t have their menus online.
  3. I don’t even know anymore.