Team NZ. Images/Supplied.

This time a week ago I was in Sydney, prepping for what was to be the longest distance run ever, in my entire life, ever. EVER. To put this into context, the last time I had run further than 500 metres (which was during that traumatizing Charles de Gaulle experience), prior to training for this 10km Nike She Runs race, was in maybe third form at High School when I was made to do the Cross Country, which I think was probably around 3km. So basically I went from zero to a bazillion in 6 weeks.

Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t too bad! It’s hard for me to admit it after all these weeks of complaining about how terribly my training was going, but it was even kind of fun! Nike went out of their way to make it the funnest, most motivating running experience possible. I mean, you still had to run 10km, but everything had been thought of along the way – there were ‘last minute panic’ stands with hair-ties and glow-stick wristbands and bobby pins available for all, lots of loud music and lights. It was held in the dark at 7:00pm in Centennial Park, so all the glowing lights looked amazing. The ‘fun’ continued throughout the whole run – each kilometre was light up with a giant ’1′ or ’2′ or ’3′ etc, when you ran past it, DJ’s were posted throughout the course, huge tv screens projecting all sorts of things (including pictures of the participants, motivating comments, etc), at one point there were even huge flames in a line that fired when you ran past. Pretty motivating, especially when surrounded by 5999 other girls.

I did my usual run-walk-run-walk-run-walk, just hoping to get to the end without dying and it worked pretty well. For some reason my official time hasn’t been recorded/posted yet (IT’S LIKE I WAS NEVER THERE! *ugly cry face*), but I used my Nike+ app and I can tell you that that thing says it took me 1 hour and 7 minutes – basically an average of 6 minutes 45 seconds per kilometre, which is kind of slow but still a good 35 seconds per km faster than I had been doing in the weeks leading up. To put this into perspective my first 3km run from six weeks back was 8:51/km, so there was improvement. And I didn’t die! In fact, I wasn’t even really that spent at the end – I kind of wish I had pushed a lot harder to try to get a good time instead of just finishing (#regrets) and I still have an idea in my head that my official race time (which was tracked by this tag on your shoe) will be faster than what the Nike+ app is telling me… but it’s okay, I’m just happy I finished and a lot faster than I was anticipating. (SNAPS FOR ME!)

All in all, it was a fun time. Seriously. You know I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true. I’m really glad I did it and I may even keep up the running. Who would’ve thought?!