All Backstage Images/Sonny Vandervelde.

I want to be a Karen Walker girl.

There you go. Unabashedly and without shame, I want to be one of these girls. I feel like this most seasons when I see the runway images from Karen’s New York Fashion Week shows, and this time is no different. In fact, this season – Northern Hemisphere Autumn-Winter 2013 – the desire to be that cool, long-haired, quirky-casual girl is at its peak.

I’m coveting a lot from this collection, ‘New Rose’ – the oversized trenches, dark green knits, black and white tartan and brown tweeds and the pink floral (is it floral?) everything – especially the quilted coat. The full-legged pants look amazing (perhaps not on a short girl like me, but on these girls – fantastic) and the sleeved knit dresses are just what I want for Winter. Mentally I’ve already narrowed it all down to a list of what pieces I’m going to save my pennies for. Let’s just hope it all comes available to us here in New Zealand…

All Runway Images/Supplied.

House coat, trench coat. Whatever you like to call it, it’s good.

Black/white tartan skirt above? Yes. In that fabric and in the brown tweed. White/cream wedge boots not so much, but you can’t like everything.

I said it before, but let’s just reiterate: THIS SKIRT:

Actually, the whole outfit, really. How great does she look? Socks and heels even! I want that whole outfit!

The sweater is going to sell like hotcakes. That is all.

Quilted coat above, great outfit below.

The above knit dress – very much my jam.

Oversized trenches are great, especially for tall people. Not so much for us shorties. Lucky she’s done it in a cropped version (and a shorter full-length version in green, further down):

Belted trench dress on the right – awesome over that green sweater.

Collared dress – can’t even see it because the sweater is covering it, but from what I can see, I like it a lot:

Is she going to make boat pants in that above pink print?

I’m not going to lie, the eyewear is pretty out there, especially for someone like me. I’ll have to pass on that but I will say yes to the below knitted tee.

This is the coat I was talking about!:

How good is it?! Dark green, oversized, long, good for wrapping up in.

This knit dress I like in theory, but I feel like bodycon knit is hard to wear. And when I say I feel like it’s hard to wear, I know it is because I’ve owned something similar before and never been able to wear it without feeling like everyone can see absolutely everything.

Beanie. Yes:

No more words. Just extreme ogling.