All Images/Supplied.

I received these Huffer campaign shots in my inbox this morning. They’re the follow up to that video I posted last week. I haven’t seen the Autumn/Winter collection in person yet, but by the looks of things, it’s bound to be a goodie. Some of these shots are mind-blowing. I’m not allowed to disclose where exactly these were taken within New Zealand (*cough* South Island *cough*), but I can tell you that Ryan Kenny shot it, Zara Mirkin styled it and Ella Verberne, Callum Smith and Matt Hall took on the duty of models in the wilderness.

My favourites below. This collection starts dropping this week so keep an eye out:

Yellow jacket YES PLEASE:

RED JACKET TOO! (Also, one of my most favourite shots):

Don’t know if this is a sweater or cardigan or what, but I love this outfit. About a thousand million girls are going to be in Timbs this Winter, you mark my words:

Finally, a girl’s Duffel coat:

Camo dungaree dress tho: