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Lily Donaldson has officially been on this earth for 26 years (as of three days ago). In model years, she’s pushing it. She’s no longer the model of the moment, but like any true star, longevity is key and a decade after being scouted, she’s still working. I have been a fan throughout the whole lifespan of this blog (four years in March), and even before then. Those of you who have stuck with me throughout the years may remember an insurgence of Lily-Donaldson-fan-girl type posting back in 2009/2010 which has since waned (partially due to the fact that I think people were getting sick of it, partially because it got a bit creepy) but you shouldn’t take that as a reflection of my lack of fandom. Lily still kills it for me, especially in this Dazed & Confused editorial for their February edition. Check out the rest, below:


In related news, when I was in New York in September, I actually saw Lily walking towards me somewhere in Soho, crossing the road. I was with my friend Jonathan, I could see her approaching and I made eye contact but fear got the better of me before I could stop her. Fear and the fact that we were in the middle of the road so it was awkward (this is odd, considering I often have no shame when it comes to approaching ‘celebrities’ and the like) and then I felt like an idiot because of course I should’ve stopped her – when does that ever happen? When do you ever meet people you’re a fan of? When was I ever coming back to New York anyway? I cried about it, the whole world cried about it, etc.

Anyway, the next day I was in Wholefoods and I saw her in the dairy section and then I realised it was a sign. I ambled over there and tapped her on the shoulder. I said hello, she said hello, I told her I was a fan of her work and that I was from New Zealand and that I’d seen her crossing the street but didn’t bother her but now I was because #YOLO!* (but not actually, but something similar) and she was gracious and polite and I said ‘nice to meet you’ and she said ‘you too’ and then went back to her vegetable shopping. I then did something really creepy and took a stalker photo of her with my phone from across the other side of the supermarket and mentally logged that I should write about this someday with some kind of ‘the moral of the story is, sometimes things are meant to be’ type premise, and here we are today. The end.

*FYI – That link, NSFW.