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This is what I like to call a ‘filler post’ of sorts. I mean, it’s Friday and the last time I put something live on here was Tuesday, which, in internet standards, is something like 2 years ago. I’ve not got any real reason for not posting – I’ve not been busy or anything, but I have been in holiday mode. Especially today. I’m a zombie. I had the worst sleep last night. For those of you who follow my Twitter or Facebook Page, you may have noticed that I had a small crisis involving losing my phone yesterday. Anyway, that doesn’t explain anything and it’s a pretty lame story but the point is today I’m really, really tired and my level of motivation to conjure up something original and interesting for you to read is pretty low, hence this.

That is not to say that these images aren’t good – they are. I mean, yeah I’m tired, but I never post anything I don’t think is worth sharing. It’s just nice to sometimes have something easy on the blog every now and then, you know? I actually like these quite a lot and I’ve been trying to think of a relevant way to get them out there, so this whole lack of motivation is good timing. This girl, as you may already know, is Samantha Shorter. She’s a pretty prominent face on the New Zealand modelling scene for a good while now, but has been overseas for the last year or two. Most recently, she’s been living in Sydney. Last week this little editorial got released. In my humble opinion, she’s looking better than ever. And how good is that Nike cap in the last photo? My favourites above and below, the rest here.