Image/Tom van Praagh.

Being the 25th of December and all, I’m feeling pressure to write something sentimental and inspirational. A round-up of the year, a thank you, something up-beat and motivating. In reality, this year Christmas just feels like any other day so I’ve got no silly season speech for you. Blame it on my unstructured lifestyle, lack of tree and Christmas-y decorations or even the unseasonably warm Auckland weather, but right now I’m feeling very ‘oh okay, Christmas, yeap, what else is going on?’

This is starting to sound decidedly depressing. Trust me, it’s not meant to be that way at all. I don’t usually like to share that many details about my family but I get asked about them a bit and I guess a little bit about them won’t hurt, so here goes a Christmas day in the life of Katherine Lowe:

This morning I’m with my mother and my brother from the same mother (ha!). Usually we’d have brunch with my grandad but he passed away earlier this year so James is cooking us all breakfast instead. Bacon and eggs and pancakes. Pretty extreme for someone who doesn’t really eat the most important meal of the day. Us siblings have forgone gifts this year. We’re both aiming to be a lot more fiscally secure over (sup Ella) this Summer period (ie. we’re both being cheap) and you know what? We buy each other things when we see things we like during the rest of the year anyway so it’s not a big deal. A lot of the time we annoy the hell out of each other (I more than him, I’d say) but James and I get each other. I can tell him pretty much anything. We’re on the same wave, me and James. I guess we’ll do a bit of gift exchanging with mom but that’s pretty much it for the day – at lunchtime my mom’s off to a hotel with her partner. She’s doing that inner city getaway thing that fiscally secure people do. Lucky for some. She tells me they’re going to be served canapés in their suite and they’ll already be in town for tomorrow’s Smith & Caughey’s Boxing Day sale. Whatever floats your boat mom. I don’t know what James is doing this afternoon but I’m going to assume it involves a lot of reddit.

My dad? I’m going to see him tonight. We’re having dinner at his apartment with that side of the family. This is the first Christmas dinner I’ll ever have had at his place, ever. One of my aunts is making a prawn salad and another is making this potato dish which is basically 50% cream and butter, 50% potato so it’s likely I’ll feel ill around 10:00pm. I’m pretty sure this is the first year we’re not doing extended family presents which is good, because we’re all too old for it, but odd, because what are we going to do with the time we’d usually spend giving out all those gifts? (I have a lot of relatives on this side of the family). One of my cousins has four kids. I think… I lose count, but I do know one of them is called Aidan and he loves Cars, the film, and he is really chill for a tiny child. He never cries and he’s not annoying so I like to hang out with him. My first cousins seem pretty different to James and I. James and I are like those family members that no one really understands. I’m sure that I’ll get asked what I do (‘what’s a blog?’) again this year, James will get hit up about his tattoos and we’ll both give each other the knowing side-eye when it happens. There’s something kind of nice about how predictable it is. I like it.

By around midnight I’m sure that we’ll all be ready to leave. I’ll give my grandmother a goodbye hug because she’s cute and it’s what I’ve always done. (I know it’s probably what most people do, but for some reason, hugs have never been a thing with my extended family – only with me and James and my paternal grandparents.) I’ll walk out the door, full and content. And that’ll be it – this Christmas over, on to the next.

Hope you all have a good one.

Merry Christmas readers.

PS: Here’s something for those of you who have the afternoon free like I do. Most of you have probably seen it but it cracks me up every time:

PPS: Here’s video evidence of me slapping someone the other week. (Sorry Kevin!)