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Due to my unfortunate financial circumstances, I’ve not been shopping much lately*. I’ve hit a bit of a wall – not enough room in my closet, not enough money to prioritise buying new clothes – you know how it is. The thing is, it’s like the universe knows this and has decided to taunt me because of it. The amount of stuff I see online and emails I receive every day with things I need want is getting out of control. So I have decided to purge it all into a post.

(Unsurprisingly, the majority of this is menswear but in my humble opinion, those items would also be great for girls.)

First up, the grey and navy Kennedy Mill Fly tees at Barkers:

Barkers Images/via

I don’t know what that kind of fabric is called exactly, but the cotton has a multicoloured fleck in it. I love. They’re like the Norse Projects ones (that link also has a way better close up of the fleck), except a bit easier on the wallet (NZ$39.99 ea), with a pocket and in different colours. Perfect. And in related news, I’ve also had my eye on this boxy cream Workshop one for a while (image above from A lot different in shape, but just as good with its neon fleck.

The Missoni for Converse 'Auckland Racer'. Missoni for Converse Images/Supplied.

Hey, I’m not good at sneakers, but I’m getting better. Or maybe I’m just less fussy. Who knows. All I know is I saw a picture of the above ‘Auckland Racer’s on instagram (Shameless Self Promotion Alert: You can follow me @thedownlowe). Someone had just received them in the mail and taken a photo and I was all ‘damn those are cool’. I can understand they wouldn’t be a lot of people’s cup of tea, but look at that fabric! And they seem pretty practical. If they’re your thing, they actually come out tomorrow in New Zealand – there are only 12 pairs available in the country and they’re all going to be at Qubic so proceed with a sense of urgency. In other news, the other Missoni for Converse collaboration – the Chuck Taylor All Star (below), is also available now. My brother has a pair and everyone says he’s cooler than me so maybe those ones are better, who knows. What do you reckon?

And while I’m at it, what do we think of these (below)? Maddy’s been telling me Nike Vintage Blazers are her favourite shoe and I’d have to agree they’re pretty damn good. I’m not quite sure about these new Mid 77 Premium Vintage with Snakeskin swoosh yet, soley based on the snakeskin, but I could be convinced. Kind of like when you first hear a song and you’re not sold, but three listens later and it’s your new jam. Anyway, if they were exactly like this with maybe a suede or less freaky looking swoosh, I’d be down for sure. Either way, it doesn’t really matter because 1. I can’t really afford to buy these and I have this weird feeling I’m not cool enough to wear them which means I’m not, and 2. I don’t even know where you can get these in New Zealand and the New Zealand Nike website isn’t helpful and it’s too late for me to email the PR people. That is all.

Nike Blazer Image/via

I feel like these would be super cute on a girl. (See? I’ve been staring at the picture for 12 minutes and I’m already starting to come around.)

Speaking of girls, the one piece (pieces?) of womenswear in this whole post:


I am on a swimwear hunt. The past couple of days have convinced me that this New Zealand Summer is going to be the best yet, and because of that I am thinking of new swimwear. I don’t own a one piece but only because I haven’t found one I like. I do, however, own perhaps 12 bikinis. Overkill, yes. It’s time for an overhaul. And I don’t own a polka dot set yet, so maybe this ASOS one is it. Ruffles I’m not sure about – is it too cutesy? – but red and white is perfect and it’s only like, NZ$62.00 or something. Cheap as chips.

Carhartt x APC Images/ via

I know this is essentially men’s underwear that I’m adding to my ‘want’ list, but I like them. They’re Carhartt + A.P.C (you should also check out the rest of the range – pocket tees, very nice) and I feel like they could be worn as the most comfortable shorts ever, for a girl. Probably not in public, though, unfortunately. I have actually done it before but it’s still kind of odd because of that button fly.

Anyway, I digress. My point is that I like it when men have good underwear (my ex-boyfriend’s will attest to this, they will have been gifted many a pair over the period of our relationship. OVERSHARE ALERT!), so if you’re a man, listen up. These are the jam.

Finally, this Levi’s x Filson tote:

Levi's x Filson Image/Supplied.

Totes awesome! (There’s no way I was going to write about a tote bag without a stupid totes joke) This Levi’s x Filson collab is definitely something I know would be handy now that Summer is coming. I’m envisaging a rolled up beach towel, a couple of oranges (my favourite food, fyi) and bottle of homemade lemonade stuffed into the thing. That with a good book tucked into one of the seven pockets, maybe a bottle of sunscreen or something. It’s waxed canvas and the lining is wool, so this is a real tote bag – no flimsy anything here. I’m not sure where to get it overseas, but in New Zealand it’s available at the Levi’s store in Wellington. Aucklanders? You’re sh*t out of luck unless you get it shipped.

Happy Tuesday night readers.

*Look, I hear you, this is total #firstworldproblem type sh*t and very, very low on the scale of importance of you know, LIFE, but throw me a bone, Scott – this is in some ways (although I don’t really know how a lot of the time) a bit of a ‘fashion blog’ (or at least a clothes blog) so we do need some frivolity every now and then. Plus, as Sarah says, ‘I’m a consumer, don’t make me feel bad about it, it’s good for the economy’.

PS: Just skim-read over this. Note to self: I talk too much.