Olivia Lefebre (62 Models) in the KiA x Little Brother 'K' cap.

Well, well, well. I’m sure a lot of you knew that this was coming, but for those who read this intermittently or don’t follow my instagram or Little Brother‘s various social media outlets, I have a wee Limited Edition collaboration cap with the menswear brand that’s available to purchase this week.

The back story goes that I used to have a dark blue denim cap when I was a kid that I loved and wanted to recreate. So here it is. A more modern take on that. It’s 6-panel, with a bit of a lower profile than your average snapback, with a leather strap and buckle and green under the brim. There’s also K on the front. The K is self-explanatory – I mean, if you can’t figure that bit out, you don’t deserve to be reading this post right now.

There are 50 available throughout the country right now. If it seems like a bit of your thing, you can cop one from me for NZ$49.95 by flicking me an email at katherine@katherineisawesome.com.

There are official pictures but I’m not allowed to put them up yet, so these’ll have to do for now – watch this space.

Happy Tuesday readers.

Me in my K Cap. Photo/James K Lowe.