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About a week ago I discovered this site, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. The online store is actually Hickorees Hard Goods, but the bit I’m obsessed with is the section where they’re selling The Hill-Side & Co. The Hill-Side & Co is basically The Hill-Side (purveyors of interesting prints and fabrics – you may or may not have seen their scarves and ties around the blogosphere) and their collaborations with various other brands. There are a multitude of collab products on offer, including furniture, a multicoloured-panel, chambray shirt in collaboration with Gitman Brothers Vintage (Note: Watch the video on that link, it’s so good) and some amazing leaf printed pants that wouldn’t look amiss on New Zealand photographer Rene Vaile (the King of printed pants, in my humble opinion). I love so much of it but can’t blog about it all so here are some of my favourites of the lot:

  • Firstly, that printed bag above. It’s only US$150! A collaboration with Heritage Leather Co., the bag boasts this amazing floral print and marigold leather bottom. Imagine toting this around Fashion Week! (Or any week for that matter.) It looks like you’d be able to fit your laptop in it and everything:
  • Speaking of florals, what about this?! Boxer shorts! So it might be a little crazy for a guy to spend US$118 on underwear, but if you’ve got it, do it. Something (positive) can be said about a guy with good undergarments. Personally, I’d have no problem wearing these as real shorts in Summer. Chucked on with a half-tucked white tee and some sneakers? Amazing. And look at the packaging…:


  • Polkamazing. This pure indigo work shirt is actually sold out but I had to put it in anyway. Polka dots will always be cool in some form or another, and I’m thinking work shirts are my new favourite men’s Winter item. Solid and of a decent weight (this is 4.5oz selvedge chambray), they’re good for keeping warm and layering. My favourite thing about this shirt is the detail in its construction: shell buttons, the little insert on the side (I don’t know what it’s called, you’ll see it in the picture below), the pen pocket. Shirting at its most functional and best:
  • I want to make some kind of ‘tote’ joke (‘totes amaze!’, ‘tote-ally great’, ‘tote it around’…) but it’s all much to cheesy for something as classy as a bag like this. The bag comes in a variety of different patchworks, using various fabrics from The Hill-Side’s past seasons. This one I liked because of the gingham. Also, a good quality tote (sturdy, not like these floppy fabric bookbags you see around the place) has been on my mind because I’ve been carrying my laptop around a lot, and that thing is cumbersome. I think the best use of this, though, is to chuck in a towel and some sunscreen and trot off to the beach. El perfecto.
  • There are three things to be said about this Anorak: 1.) It’s actually made of indigo chambray (check the close up photo) but lined with nylon so presumably it’s okay to wear in the rain. This is so cool for people like me who hate carrying umbrellas. 2.) So many functional details. Aside from the nylon lining and velcro wrist straps and drawstrings, the thing folds into itself to make a little pouch. CUTE. 3.) Panda snap buttons. Enough said.
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