Me in my new raw denim. Image/James K Lowe.

I bought a pair of APC Petit Standard’s last week. In case you weren’t aware, they’re jeans. Raw denim jeans. Raw/Dry denim is just that – unwashed, untreated and, aside from the dyeing, is in its natural state. Most denim is washed to soften it, reduce shrinkage and sometimes it’s artificially distressed – raw denim is the opposite – it’s stiff as hell and take ages to wear in to the look the way that washed denim does. So why would anyone bother buying raw? Good question. The most popular reason is that by breaking in raw denim (which in itself is a pretty arduous process), the jeans fade/distress to the body of the person wearing them. They’re customised. Plus, they last longer. And although it may seem frivolous or a bit silly – people take raw denim seriously. Weights, quality of cotton, dyes, the weave. There are whole websites dedicated to raw denim.

So now that informative introduction is out of the way, to the point. I bought raw denim jeans and now I’ve got to break them in. Properly breaking them in, I’m told, will take years. It’s a process that involves a lot of wearing (ie. as many days of the week as possible) and not much washing (ie. none for at least the first 6 months, if it can be helped). So far (two wears in), it’s been like wearing cardboard, but I’m in it for the long haul, and I may even just document it along the way. Wish me luck.

NOTE: In celebration of my foray into the world of raw, I’ve put together a few denim (washed and unwashed) looks, taken some snaps (including the one above) for the Sunglass Hut Inner Circle – of which I’m a new contributor. Check it out here.