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For weeks I’ve had two tabs open in my browser at all times (that is, alongside the other 7 that are permanently open at all times – Gmail, Google reader etc – those are a given). One of those is Karen Walker’s 2012-2013 ‘Sea Monsters’ Resort Mainline collection, the other is Karen Walker’s 2012-2013 ‘Sea Monsters’ Resort Runaway collection. I’m obsessed with both. I look at them every day and I can honestly say I’d wear at least half of the pieces in reality – that’s not even in dreams – in reality. That’s pretty rare for me.

First of all, there’s a tonne of blue throughout both Resort collections, and I love blue. There’s a nod to ‘The Village’ collection from 2010 (which I loved) – white stripes and trims on the hems of navy skirts and dresses. There’s polka dots. And there’s Kelvin Konoplyosova modelling. Bloody Kelvin, she makes everything look so damn good.

Here are some of my favourites (basically everything) from the collections:


Navy. Polka dot. Dresses. All Blue Everything. So good I can’t form proper sentences. The dress below left? Paired with that bucket hat? Adorable. Damn if I saw a girl walking down the street in that outfit looking like that, there’s no way I wouldn’t stop and take her photo.

Side note: I’ve heard those shoes are coming in half sizes, which is awesome, because I’m between sizes with this season’s blue/gold and cigar/gold heels and it kills me.


Okay so the above is a bit eight-year-old-girl-party-dress but that’s what I like about it. I had a white party dress much like the one on the right, when I was eight. It had the sheer layers and cap sleeve and everything. It also had rainbow motifs on around the skirt. This is like the more grown up version of it and my nostalgia, I’m loving it.

Print on print on print. Blue on blue on blue. My jam, my jam, my jam. Pretty sure I’m going to get the boat pants in this print, and maybe even the tee. I’ve gotten over the fact that print on print top/bottom sets look like pyjamas and I’m embracing it.

So good, right?!! I know this post hasn’t been very articulate and is coming across very fan-girly and ranty, but I don’t know any other way of writing that gets my level of enthusiasm for these collections across. Who’s with me?!