You know me. I’m all about practical wear. Generally, traditional and plain is my jam. I just can’t see myself wearing avant garde clothing, drapey layers and anything that can be worn more than one way. Call me boring, but that’s how it is. That said, there were a lot of amazing pieces in the New Generation show on the Saturday night of Wellington Fashion Week – you could tell a tonne of time and effort had been put in. There were hand crocheted backs of tops, layered sheer dresses and some incredible prints. My favourite thing, though? Something practical – the above sweater by Elle Hopper. Whether it’s because it was paired with a shirt, because it looked so cosy after being out in the cold Wellington wind, because it’s striped, because it reminds me of my grandmother or just because it indulges my penchant for chunky, hand-knitting – it’s the piece I decided I would like to own the most of all.

Highly recommended also goes to the textured yellow blazer (below), also by Elle Hopper. I couldn’t pull it off but I can certainly appreciate the colour and the short sleeve.

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