The Twenty-seven Names workroom.

Yesterday morning I touched down in our capital city and the first thing that struck me was the cold. No, actually, the very first thing that happened was I was notified of this (BEST NEWS EVER!) but the second thing was the cold. Jesus Christ it is freezing here in Wellington. (In comparison to Auckland, anyway.) Despite my adverse reaction to the ridiculous temperature and wind outside, I was determined to make a go of the day in Wellington, as opposed to spending the whole day in my hotel room.

I started with dropping my bags at my premier studio (balllllerrrrr) at the Museum Hotel. The room wasn’t ready but that was okay – I had plans. I walked more than 100 metres for the first time in months – 15 minutes to Floriditas -an all day eatery on Cuba Street. I was meeting Anjali and Rachel from Twenty-seven Names for breakfast. I had buttery scrambled eggs. They were good. For anyone who is visiting Wellington, I highly recommend them and the ginger loaf with caramel icing. The rest of the day was filled with a lemon honey ginger at Fidel’s, a mission to find a place that would get rid of my gel nails (Roisna at Classiquo came to the rescue – thanks Roisna!), a meeting with Louise Hatton – Wellington’s finest fashion photographer, a trip to the new(ish) Twenty-seven Names workspace, a trip to the Ruby store, two meet ups with friends, a quick wardrobe change, an attendance at the Wellington Fashion Week opening function where the Mayor of Wellington flashed her spanx/bike pants under her dress during her speech (on purpose) – no joke and I met a lollipop-toting Issy from Season 3 of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, a fashion-week-esque dinner of fried chicken and macaroni cheese at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen and drinks at Hawthorn. I got back to the hotel at 2:00am, dead. It’s surprising how productive one can be when they wake up at 7:30am.

Now it’s 11:55am the next day and I haven’t ventured outside. The first Wellington Fashion Week show is on tonight but I’ve got a good 6 hours until then – Wellingtonians! What’s good?! Hit me up!