All Images/James K Lowe.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m partial to pants (as opposed to skirts and dresses) and although I have about 10 pairs my wardrobe right now, I’m always on the look out for the next great pair. My latest and greatest is this pair I picked up from Juliette Hogan a few weeks ago. They’re called the ‘Maxwell’ trouser. They’re a light, grey wool with a slight stretch and a great looking texture. The good thing about these pants is they’re cropped. For your average tall person (ie. not my short ass) they’d be a bit more ankle exposing, but for this dwarf they’re just that little bit longer – the perfect length to cuff. I feel like they’re the perfect fancy version of schoolboy pants. All I need is a short-sleeve white shirt, some tortoiseshell round glasses and a rucksack and I’ll have the look down. You can grab your very own pair, here.

Note: I know the focus on these photos is really soft. I have a camera lens problem. Fingers crossed this will be rectified in time for Wellington Fashion Week posts (the shows start Thursday so keep an eye out). Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday guys.