My 2.5 week old Colour Gloss nails, by Leah Light. Image/James K Lowe.

This week:

  • Okay, I have to admit I’m not really a nail girl – the foils and the sparkles and all that stuff that’s so in right now is not really my thing. It just seems like way too much admin, you know? Despite the fact I’m not a nail polish fanatic, I was given the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to have my nails done by Leah Light at a Glassons event. I’ve never tried gel polish before and because it was free and I had time I thought I’d give it a go. Have any of you tried it? This stuff is ridiculous! I don’t know what they do to keep it on there but I have had mine for almost three weeks (on Wednesday it’ll be three weeks) and this is how it looks (see above) – no chips, no nothing. The stuff is staying hard and fast. Highly recommend for those who are into nail art.


  • The tortoiseshell foldable Ray Ban Wayfarer. I feel like I need some tortoiseshell eyewear in my life. I don’t really wear sunglasses as a general rule, and if I’m being completely honest, the Wayfarer doesn’t fit my Asian face. (As much as it sounds like it, this is not even a joke. My Asian face genes don’t allow for the Wayfarer to sit as it should. #asiangirlproblems) This doesn’t mean they won’t fit your face, though. The shape is a classic, you know by getting the classic Wayfarer that you really aren’t going to go wrong and that you’ll be able to wear them for a while, and while black is cool, the tortoiseshell is much nicer in my humble opinion. And they fold up so they fit in your pocket. Easy peasy. You can get them at the Sunglass Hut.

Workshop Denim shirt. In store now. Images/James K Lowe.

  • Last week this Workshop Denim shirt dropped, I got my hands on one and my life is all the more better for it. As an owner of a denim shirt already, I can vouch for their lastability. My other one is light blue chambray and has pockets. The thing I like about this shirt is its lack of pockets and the real true blue american colour. That and the fact that it’s fitted, making it easy to tuck into skirts and pants. Also, the thing denim is solid – the stuff is a pretty decent weight which is perfect for Winter. So many boxes ticked! Also – if this is your jam you may also like the dress version of this shirt – it’s basically like this shirt with a full skirt. So cute. So damn cute.


So, finally, my old mate Tim and his old mate Joe run this photography blog called The Shutter Pirates. (Their blog won the Concrete Playground 2011 best blog. I’m not jealous. I’m happy for them. Whatever. I don’t even want to talk about it.) The Shutter Pirates have decided to offline and, inspired by The Photocopy Club, have decided to throw a guerilla photography exhibition (Paper Pirates) which involves you. What you do, is print up to four of your best photos on whatever paper – A3 or larger. The emphasis is printing on the cheap – I suggest your workplace photocopier. Then, you roll up the prints, chuck them in a tube and send them to the Paper Pirates headquarters. Tim and Joe choose their favourites and put on an exhibition. Everyone comes along to look at the pictures and have a bit of a party and at the end of the night people can rip them off the walls and take them home. For more info, see here. Get snapping (I will be!) – submissions close May 12.