Me over Easter weekend, at 100% health and in 100% sun. A huge contrast to today where I am at 40% health and in 10% sun and 90% rain. Image/Maddy Budd.

Today I had planned to post some kind of outfit post of some of the new clothes I’ve acquired recently, but then on Tuesday night at precisely 8:22pm, the darkness hit. I swear to god I have never caught a cold so quickly. It’s like, one minute (at 8:21pm) I was feeling right chipper and the next I had that gross feeling in the back of my throat and my brain was pounding the inside of my skull. Anyway, fast forward a couple of days and I am currently in bed still (it’s 12:47pm) – which is not really much of a difference to my usual day if I’m being completely honest – but this time I am surrounded in tissues and teacups and empty packets of Panadol. What happened? I don’t know, but it feels like this is some kind of karma. I knew I shouldn’t have parked in that loading zone the other day, damnit.

So, because I am not looking or feeling anywhere near good enough to have my picture taken, I am bringing you a list of things of other interesting things to look at instead:

  1. Firstly, this inspirational and motivational and all ’round clever talk on strong female characters and ‘figuring it out’ by none other than everyone’s favourite inspirational and motivational and all ’round clever and well-spoken girl, Tavi Gevinson. Watch it (especially if you’re a girl, and especially, especially if you’re a girl under the age of 21):
  2. This post, and pretty much every other post by Cailin Hill of The Model Burnbook. One of my top reads in my Google Reader. I subscribe to over 280 RSS feeds and there are about 10 that I make a concerted effort to check. The Model Burnbook is one of them. Get into it.
  3. These before and after photos of top models. Partially because it’s just damn interesting and partially so all of us ‘normal’ folk can complain about how photoshopped those tall, skinny b*tches are in order for us to feel slightly better about ourselves, all the whilst preaching that it’s what’s on the inside that counts and trying to hold onto that fact. Right, guys?
  4. People are terrible, so stop putting your boobs on the internet.
  5. Hey, so because I’m sick and everything, I’ve been looking for ways to remedy it in time for April 18th (next Wednesday), which marks the start of a really busy and stressful (but fun!) three weeks for me. I’ve been told by more than one person that the cure to the common cold/flu is to put garlic in your socks and sleep with them on. I can’t figure out whether this is actually a good idea or whether I’m just the most gullible person alive. Thoughts?
  6. Everyone’s favourite photo blogger and all ’round awesome guy, Yimmy Yayo, has shot a whole bunch of photos for Mr Porter, for the Oyster Daily. I know it’s annoying to have to wait whole days for new photos, but exercise patience my friends. Also, check out the first photo. I can’t stop looking at that guy’s hand in his pants. I’m intrigued. What happens next? Why is his hand down there? Is my sickness making me crazy? Don’t know, don’t know and yes.
  7. Dempsey Stewart owning her new haircut and looking amazing as ever in these shots by Mark Kean for Wonderland. (One below, the rest here.)

    Dempsey Stewart by Mark Kean. Image/via

  8. Finally, I answered a lot of questions on my tumblr, so if you’re bored or if you’ve got a question of your own – check it out. Granted, there are 80 outstanding messages in my inbox at the moment, but I’m getting there, I’m getting there.