Maddy Budd.


  1. On Friday night I spent a good hour yelling at models backstage at The Department Store show. I had to shoot as many outfits as possible while the show was going, and I needed the girls to ham it up for the camera. The pressure. So much pressure. So little time and so much yelling. It’s surprising what a psycho you can become when you need a shot. I distinctly recall screaming several times, ‘YOU CALL THAT EXCITED?!’ and ‘GET CLOSER TOGETHER! I WANT HAPPY! YOU DON’T LOOK HAPPY AT ALL. LOOK LIKE YOU’RE LOVING IT! ARE YOU LOVING IT?!!!’ It worked though.
  2. Later on, on Friday night, I went out. And I mean out, out. I hardly ever go out, let alone with people I don’t usually hang out with. I got home at 7:00am. It was amazing. The consequential hangover, however, was not (see ‘Low(e)s’).
  3. Speaking of Friday night, had this amazing taxi driver who, because I don’t know the word to explain it because I’m not down with the kids, would pump his breaks to the beat of the hip hop he was cranking (at our request). Most gangsta taxi driver in Auckland.
  4. This. When someone with upwards of 15,000 followers on Tumblr gives you a shout out, you know you’re doing okay.
  5. I’ve mentioned the trailer to this new tv show, ‘Girls’, which is launching next month, but what I didn’t mention is this amazing interview with the writer, director and star, Lena Dunham. Read it, and watch the trailer. I swear 90% of you will love it.
  6. Zara Mirkin’s new tumblr.
  7. Going to see Taylor Swift tonight. Is she going to wear her t-shirt? Unlikely, but at least she got it. Am I going to be the oldest non-chaperoning attendee? Likely, but I’m owning it.


  1. Saturday was pretty much a complete write-off. 3 hours sleep, followed by a shower and a 2 hour afternoon nap and it was 3:00pm before I knew it. Also, the tiredness and hangoverness meant my driving concentration was worse than usual. A near car crash. Not good.
  2. Sometimes I don’t think before I speak.
  3. Sometimes I don’t think before I spend.
  4. Tomorrow I have to reshoot a shoot I did a few days ago. :-/
  5. I am so low buzz today it is ridiculous.