Part of the reason my credit card was maxed out is because it’s the start of the season and new clothes have been arriving and my resolve has not been as good as it could be. It’s been pretty good but I have had a few lapses. It’s surprising how you can justify expenses to yourself sometimes. It’s doubly surprising how you can be in a little bit of a negative on your credit card and be very diligent about your money, but once it gets to a lot of negative, it’s too much to fathom and it’s easier to spend more. I don’t know what it is – call it the theory of credit-ivity or something. Who knows.

One of the purchases I made and that arrived a couple of weeks ago, just in time for the new season, was this Cassandra dress by Twenty-Seven Names. I’m not a big maxi-dress wearer, but this appealed to me because it’s not floor length, it looked super comfortable and it’s navy (can’t get much better than navy) and I had this vision of me running down a busy street wearing it with sneakers and a beanie and some kind of bag with my hair out, all carefree and the like. It represented FREEDOM or something, to me.

Oh blah blah blah okay, okay. So what I really mean is that I saw it, I had to have it, I ordered it. I paid for it. It arrived and now I wear it around, feeling all carefree and the like and happy as larry.