Tree lols.


  1. I just realised (after over a month) that Turned Out has changed it’s RSS feed. For those of you who use RSS (and really, it should be all of you – get onto it those who don’t), the new link is here. Phew.
  2. One big invoice paid, which means one big payment into my credit card, which (as you will read below) is maxed out. NOT ANYMORE! Now it’s only 4/5th’s of the way to being maxed out (…) ! Hooray!
  3. The Kate Sylvester Britomart store opening. I go to a few events now (well, a lot more than I ever used to) and the Kate Sylvester store opening was good. There was food as well as drinks (can’t get much better than a good canap√©) and a live band and it was packed out. El perfecto mi amigos.
  4. Did a fun little shoot this week for the blog. Keep your eyes peeled.
  5. Also had a fun little trip to Christchurch for a fun little meeting. Keep your eyes doubly peeled.
  6. This week’s goal: Get one of our Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts tees to Taylor Swift. Short of stalking out the airport and her hotel (which I’m not completely above), I’m not sure exactly how to achieve this goal… Ideas? (Seriously. I’m completely serious!!!)


  1. One credit card maxed out. This has never happened to me before. Ever. I’m not sure exactly what to say or how I feel about owing a bank that much money. It’s like I’m numb or something.
  2. Ummm… I actually had quite a good week. I can’t think of any other low(e)s, just highs. Sorry. Is that a low in itself?

NOTE: In all the hustle and bustle of late, I completely missed my blog’s third birthday. Katherine is Awesome turned 3 years old on the 6th of March and all I can say after doing this after all that time, is that I’m glad that circumstances led me to where I am today. I have enjoyed bringing you my likes (and dislikes) and general ramblings on fashion and life, and I am extremely grateful for all of you that have stuck by and supported this little habit of mine. Humble thanks.