1. A tonne of people came up to me to let me know they’d worn their Chuck Taylor’s that day because of me. This makes me happy because it means AT LEAST SOME PEOPLE LIKE ME.
  2. This isn’t exactly a high for me, but it’s a high for my brother James – this week he won the menswear section of the Big Little City street-style comp ($1000 shopping spree was the prize) and tonight he just found out he’s won a big grant to produce work for the Auckland Photography Festival. High fives for James!
  3. I got through the New Zealand Fashion Festival in one piece and I got to hang out with my fashion friends in an environment where we all understood each other. It was kind of like a school reunion or something. We’re best friends for a week then we go our own ways.
  4. I officially have no regular income or regular job. No contract jobs, no nothing. BUT I am working – a lot, and opportunities kept presenting themselves this week. Very exciting. In fact, on Friday I’m off to Christchurch for three hours to meet a brand. Can you believe it?! They’re flying me down just to meet with me!
  5. I ate like a king this week.
  1. I spent over $80.00 on parking this week, including a ticket – which goes to show that you should never boast about how you parked over the time limit for hours because it is going to come back and bite you in the ass. (Yeah, I’m talking about parking – and what? Stupid haters.)
  2. I don’t get why everyone can’t just all be friends or at least nice to each other and while I’m at it – why can’t people just have some damn integrity for once?
  3. #passiveagressivehighsandlowes.
  4. I’m pretty sure there are no New Zealanders showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (yes, the name has changed) this year. Should I still go? I have flights booked but that is all so far. Is it worth it?! What to do?!
  5. One credit card almost maxed out, one credit card in debt, two bills unpaid. It’s better than last week but it still is kind of a concern…