Vinnie in his Chucks.

This week for the New Zealand Fashion Festival, I’m doing my own WIWT’s and I’m also doing a few special ones. In collaboration with Converse, I’m documenting the outfits of five stylish Fashion-Festival goers every day this week and you’ll be able to see them here on the blog.

First up, we have Vinnie Paunovic. Vinnie’s down at the Fashion Festival venue most of the week this week because he’s a model (Oooh la la!) and in some of the shows. His Chucks are pretty beat up, but I think they look awesome like that. They go with his outfit. My jam. What do you think?

Later tonight I’ll be bringing you outfits from the other four, so check back ya’ll.  (I’ll also be uploading some fun pics to the official NZFF instagram (NZFashionFest for those who want to follow) so check there too!)