Image/James K Lowe.

So being a freelancer/blogger isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure it’s mostly fun to do, sure you work on your own schedule, do what you want when you want, get sent freebies every now and then. Sure. But financially? Financially, for most, blogging is the pits and I am feeling that right now.

If there is some kind of god out there he will let these things come into my life somehow. These aren’t even really frivolous purchases or anything, these are actual blog necessities. I know it’s materialistic and greedy, but I just feel like if these things were in my lap I would feel a lot better about life. Plus I’m feeling crappy and sometimes having practical ‘things’ improve your mood, okay?!:

  1. This 35mm lens. (And that’s not even the fancy one.)
  2. This doctor’s bag that I wanted all that time ago and still want.
  3. Some kind of accommodation for Australian Fashion Week. Preferably something somewhere close to the venue that involves me sleeping in my own room (I’m not a good sharer) but I’m easy.

In addition to these things I would also love for my credit card debt to just magically disappear, for my parking ticket to also magically disappear (maybe to the same place the credit card debt is going to go), for my Vodafone bill to not arrive in the 5 days that it inevitably will, for my 50mm lens to just fix itself without me having to go get it repaired (incurring what is likely to be a hefty fee), and while we’re at it, it would be kind of nice to have some spare petty cash to move my blog hosting and buy more contact lenses.

I mean, that’s not so much to ask, right?*

*Yeah, yeah I know. Go out and get a real job. I KNOW.