It’s not every day that I can look through a designer’s collection and love every piece. It’s a very rare occurrence (if it even occurs at all). But very rare is not never, and last week when I stumbled upon this Patrik Ervell‘s womenswear collection (more images below) I had one of those moments where I thought I’d found the one.

Maybe I’m being slightly overdramatic, but I can honestly say that if I had the means (and by means I mean cash-monnayyyy) I would definitely be purchasing 70% of this collection – from the perfect tailored grey pants with a high rise and cropped at the ankle, to the the narrow white and blue button down shirts (those club collars!), the formal shirt (far left) with that amazing blue print and the tuxedo jacket (for all those formal occasions whereby I would need one…), from the patterned jeans, to the beanie (!!!), the ‘Norwegian Sweater‘ and every single other piece of knitwear to the navy bomber jacket, and last but not least – we can’t forget the black leather daypack.

Honestly, when does it ever get much better than this?!

Someone needs to bring Patrik Ervell to New Zealand immediately! (And not just the womenswear, because I quite like the menswear too.)

Images/via tumblr.