1. Getting all christmas shopping done in three hours total – including driving time.
  2. Shit Girls Say. And, thanks to someone notifying me of it on my Facebook Page, if you want to get a bit racial you can check this.
  3. Despite having been terrible at updating my blog, my tumblr and my twitter, I’ve been really good at posting my ‘What I Wore Today’ things. All the outfits are pretty much repeats on repeats on repeats, but whatever.
  4. I managed to go the whole of the Christmas period without eating ham. I’m not sure why this is on the highs but I feel like it’s some kind of achievement.
  5. iChristmas.


  1. We now approach that time of year where nothing is open. You want a snack? Don’t bother leaving the house unless you want KFC. The only place you can guarantee will be open at this time of year is KFC.
  2. Yesterday I popped in to the Boxing Day races for a few hours. I witnessed several great outfits and several not so great outfits and lots of things happened but that’s not the point, the point is I didn’t take a sweater because I thought it would be sunny so I was sitting outside feeling pretty cold for a good while and today I have that weird feeling in the back of my throat that can only be attributed to an oncoming cold. Sad face.
  3. This Highs and Low(e)s is two days late and I’ve forgotten what happened last week so it’s not exactly easy to put together.
  4. Sometimes Auckland feels incredibly small.
  5. I hate that new Facebook timeline layout thing.