Hey, a bit of shameless self promotion here but isn’t that what blogs are all about? Anyway in case you hadn’t heard already, this little blogger is hosting a bit of a shindig next Thursday and would like you all to come!

Remember that shop¬†Arcade? You need to join me there on the night of the 15th of December. Why? Because I’m going to be taking over the store (the Arcade boys are being relegated to drinks and music). From 5pm – 8pm expect new and limited one-night-only stock, storewide discounts, gifts with purchases, a couple of ‘katherineisawesome’ combos (including cheap deals on Vans authentics/Chucks/Caps/Socks etc – more on this later), Christmas gift giving advice from myself (and any other advice you need – let’s face it, I’m a one stop shop), delicious beverages (courtesy of Rochfort Rees and Peroni) and basically a fricken awesome time.


PS: Girls, I know at least one male model and one pro skater will be there. If that doesn’t sell it for you, I don’t know what will.

PPS: Arcade is located at 22c Cross Street, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand. If you can’t make it, check them out anyway – there’s events happening every day up until Christmas!