What: The Jack Spade ‘Airmail Pouch’ aka. an ipad case.

Why: It’s so cute. It’s a baby blue knitted envelope for god’s sake. You really can’t get much better than that. Imagine carrying your ipad in that to fashion week – can anyone say STREETSTYLE?!

Best for: Persons that own an ipad. I guess maybe you could use it as a clutch which could be cute, but it’s really made to house an ipad. Also, the person needs to be okay with carrying something kind of girly looking or at least persons who are into fashion. I mean that in the best way possible. I would fully respect a man who carried their ipad in one of these. Also best for people who live in America or at least people who don’t mind spending US$74.00 shipping it to New Zealand.

Okay, okay I’m sold. Where can I get one?: From Jack Spade stores across America, or online here.