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I don’t know if it’s because I spent the last few weeks hanging out with a whole bunch of menswear obsessives who only talk about men’s clothes and shoes and hip hop, but I feel like menswear is at the height of popularity at the moment. There’s a huge culture built around menswear that I have never seen before. It’s not just a bunch of guys taking an interest in clothes – it’s much bigger than that. Girls are dressing like boys, Josh Peskowitz has been elevated to celebrity status and suddenly it’s cool to know your cuts and fabrics, what pick-stitching is and why you should never button that bottom button on your jacket. There’s even a menswear ‘lingo’ that’s developed – it’s almost a secret language (sprezzatura anybody? Don’t tell me you understand this) amongst the menswear blogger club that nobody out of it can understand (#bloglife #themoreyouknow). What I’m trying to get at, is that there’s just a huge interest in it these days – more so than ever – so it’s apt that there would be new menswear dedicated sites/blogs/magazines popping up all over the place, to cater to the demand.

One of the latest menswear offerings to come out of the woodwork is Boylston Trading Co. The online boutique (with a real life showroom to come in the near(ish) future) has been a long time coming with the launch date being pushed back on several occasions (the amount of times I checked to see if the site was live yet is ridiculous), but now that it’s finally here we have visual evidence to prove that good things do take time. Boylston Trading Co is essentially an online store, but with an editorial component added in. (The photography is quite beautiful – check it out.) The store has a very select group of products on offer – high-end mens/streetwear, accessories, music, stationery and exclusive goods including a limited edition denim collaboration with Japanese brand, Anachronorm and L.A. based designer Dr Rominelli - basically it has all the kinds of things that menswear and streetwear nerds obsess over (budding menswear freaks – take note).

The site just launched today, so not all of the well-hyped items are available (you can count on me to keep checking back for availability 6-panel, low profile, wool fitted (below)), and there’s not much editorial content live yet, but if there’s anything we’ve learnt from what we can see on the site so far, it’s that when it comes to Boylston Trading Co – it’ll be well worth the wait.

(Also coming in red! It WILL be mine!)

Behind the scenes at one of their shoots.

More behind the scenes. (SUP BILLY.)