All Images/Henrietta Harris.

Not to boast or anything, but when I was young (I’m talking about 8 years old) I considered myself to be quite the artist. I could draw (better than most of the other kids), had a pretty good grasp of colours and perspectives and angles came easily to me. I thought I was going to be a professional artist – I even went to an extra-curricular art school on Saturday mornings. That was then. After years of studying art at school, it was soon apparent that yeah, I was good – but I wasn’t really good. Art is generally so subjective, but when someone is really, really good at it, you know it.

Henrietta Harris is one of those people who is mind-blowingly good at art. She can draw. She can paint. She makes paper come alive. I have known of the Auckland-based artist for a while, but never really investigated much into her work until recently. Now I’m kind of obsessed. A couple of weeks ago, Harris was asked to illustrate a few of Hedi Slimane’s photos for Issue 2 of Bite MagazineAs you can see, the results are quite beautiful:

Harris does a variety of illustrations, with some prints for sale. It’s a bit early, but maybe something like this would be the perfect Christmas present for that person who has everything? Check out her website, here.